Moving Tips and Mistakes

Commen tips and Mistakes will Booking on Packers and Movers..

How To Choose The Right Company, Before the Move Your Goods?


Please follow the tips: ( Ask The Question At The Moving Company)


  • Company valid government registration certification. (Example : Trade licence/ Msme / Pan Card / CIN NO. / DIN NO.)
  • Valid GST Identification number.
  • If branch of Company, valid authorize later issue by company.
  • Website and Search Engine review & rating.
  • Branch of company (There is a branch of the company near he place where the goods are transferred).
  • Branch of company (There is a branch of the company near he place where the goods are transferred).
  • Whats the way of the transfer of my goods.
  • How many days will transfer of my goods.

What is the right way of road transportation?


  •  There are two way in Road Transportation.

1. Share service (Part load) : If you have choice SHARE service so you will ask the first quotation is what types of goods are sanding in my goods, because we have seen this in many case that the company speaks to you that we will send the Household/Official goods, but will send your goods with commercial goods. Which wakes your goods are completely damaged, after this the company will not compensate any of your losses.

So, I would suggest you to transfer any of your belongings from any company after thoroughly checking it, than transfer your goods at the time. You must have a certified copy of Insurance, GST Invoice, Road challan, Goods list and Money receipt on your it. Keep in mind that if you have any losses than you can claim from the insurance company / moving company.

What are the things to keep in mind while using the share service?

A. When you have a little bit similar or as long distance. ( Example : 1 RK, 1 BHK, 2 BHK & 3 BHK or Car / Bike)

B. Know about company well.

C. Know the excent to which the moving company is right for you ?

D. How will the company your goods tracking information to you ?

E. If there is any damage to your goods during the transfer, who can compensate for it ?

F. If the goods dose not reach than what will you do for it ?

G. If I can not reach the destination or not avail any person to receive this goods, what are the arrangements for keeping this stuff ?

H. What is your payment process ?

(Note : Always make payment by online or cheque)

I. What goods vehicle is your goods going and what is the number of that goods vehicle ?

J. A question for you? How many tips are these tips for you?

We will be happy to help you.

For other query please feel free to contact.

What is share service under Packer and Movers ?

Under Packers And Movers , Share service is a part of transportation service in which your goods is sent with many other household goods that reach your location will passing through a multiple locations and this is cost effective and good service.

2. Direct service (Full load truck) : 2. Under Packers and movers, DIRECT SERVICES are the best option for transferring your home or official goods. This service is now used to transfer goods of 2BHK or more, it is as depending on the volume of goods and distance. Under the service, the vehicle which you book the same vehicle is is taken from the source location to the destination send directly without any multiple location and transfer your goods like personally.

What are the things to keep in mind while using the direct service ?

Whatever well tell you in the share service, you have to keep mind the direct service. A part from this, you have to keep a few things in mind while using the direct service.

A. You most have all valid papers in the goods vehicle, such as Registration certificate, Insurance and Driver license etc.

B. You can also take a photograph of both the goods vehicle and their driver for more safety.

What Document Are Required In Packing and Moving?

  • Aadhaar/voter/pan etc. If any valid id card and authorized Latter.

What Document Are Required In Moving Of CAR/BIKE ?

  • Aadhaar/voter/pan etc. If any valid id card and authorized Latter. Vehicle valid R/C Book, Insurance, Tax & Polution (All Document Are Xerox).

Beware fraud Packers and Movers!

“Check the current status of the company, and avoid the loss of your valuable goods”.

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